Her , from an adjacent room
It’s okonomiyaki night!!

It’s okonomiyaki night!!

I love shopping while riding the shinkansen!

Thabks to me, we’re getting a shark & shark tank in the office!
Her, totally serious
We’re getting a shark tank in the office
I like that guy who plays that guy. He’s also in those other movies.
Her, on some actor She likes (I haven’t figured out who)
She tried to make hot chocolate

She tried to make hot chocolate


  • Her : hey, you are in charge of taking my selfies
  • me : then it wouldn't be a selfie

Work perks

On different occasions, Her boss had asked what she would like the company to purchase for the office.

Her replies, on two different occasions:
1. Shark tank (with a shark)
2. A robot

Valentine’s day is me giving Her a boquet of flowers and Her cooking me a ribeye with wasabi sauce.

Japanese girl meets Canadian boy

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