No Tacos?

We marathoned all of Bokurano last weekend and watched Garden of Words this past weekend. But when a friend suggested we watch the second season of some mahjong anime (I assume Saki S2?) She was like “No. Definitely not”

When I was young, my dad would let me play this strip mahjong game on his computer. I think he didn’t expect me to be good at mahjong, but I always ended up stripping the other 3 girls.



  • Me : who the hell is "Dear Daniel"?
  • Her : Hello Kitty's boyfriend. Everyone knows that!
Beer from Her town

Beer from Her town

Toahikoshi soba… Traditional Japanese foods for the new year.

  • <<Playfully arguing about something...> >
  • Me: But I told you we would do that eventually...
  • Her: Oh yeah!? SCRUTINY!!!
  • Me: .... uhhh.... MARSHMALLOWS!!....
  • Me: Sorry, I though we were shouting random words now

I thought it was to celebrate boxing, the sport!

Her, on boxing day


She spent 15 minutes telling me about the prefecture of Gunma and how everyone in Japan thinks it’s the lamest prefecture in all of Japan.

Apparently something about konjac, scallions (leeks) and cabbage. Sounds real exciting.

In the town I grew up in, we couldn’t afford to hire real english speakers to teach us. So instead, we hired Aussies.
Her , on learning english
View from our bed. Good morning Koh Lipe!!

View from our bed. Good morning Koh Lipe!!

Japanese girl meets Canadian boy

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